A. Ground Facilities

3 Net Practice with 2 Turf wickets each available in cricket stadium.
2  ICC standard Turf Grassy grounds under construction in the new land located at Umm Kiram with facilities.
3 Astro Turf ground under construction
12  Nets (6 Turf, 3 Cement, 3 Astro Turfs)


Additional Facilities 

1 Turf wicket is available at West Bay.
9 grounds with Astros Turf are available at West Bay
1 grassy ground is available at Messaied City
1 grassy ground is available at Dukhan City
1 grassy ground with Turf is available at Qatar Industrial City.

These grounds are available with all the necessary facilities.


B. Net Practices

3 Net Practices are available at West Bay.
4 Net practices are available at local schools.
5 Net practices, including 2 turf wickets